Medical Case Management

Medical Case Management

Medical case managers work directly with individuals who identify as HIV positive.  HIV positive consumers will meet with a medical case manager to complete an assessment.  Each consumer is assessed around their medical, social and psychological needs.  An individual service plan is then developed around the identified needs of the consumer and is adjusted on an ongoing basis.  Once identified needs are met consumers may be discharged from case management.  

To access medical case management services individuals must be able to provide proof of HIV status.  This may include lab results or a diagnosis letter (on letterhead) signed by a medical doctor or nurse practitioner. Consumers have 30 days in which to provide this proof of HIV status. Medical case management may be provided at the consumer’s home, a health care facility, APW, or another agreed-upon location.  Intakes are not available at the APW office from 1-2 p.m.

Services Offered

  1. Connect consumers to medical care (doctors, nurses, pharmacists, etc.)
  2. Assist consumers with applying for government entitlement programs such as social security, department of transitional assistance, HIV drug assistance programs, and health insurance coverage.
  3. Provide supported referrals for legal services and behavioral health needs (mental health, relapse prevention, domestic or sexual violence, etc.)
  4. Sexual health promotion (safer sex practice negotiation, proper use of barrier methods, STI information and referral, etc.)
  5. Provides supported referrals for housing needs. 


In line with the mission of APW, our staff are strong advocates for consumers. Some advocacy may be provided around:

  • Phone calls on behalf of consumers to receive needed services. (At times, the client must be present.)
  • Mediating with insurance companies, employers, and landlords.

APW supports and encourages consumers to become empowered through self-advocacy.